Sussman & Associates is a civil rights firm located in Goshen, NY. Michael Sussman has been fighting for social and individual justice for more than 35 years. He is well known as one of the top trial lawyers in the region. Christopher Watkins, Of Counsel, is an experienced and well-regarded trial attorney and litigator who has consistently obtained outstanding results for his clients. With a team of knowledgeable and hard-working staff, Heather M. Abissi, Esq., Mary Jo Whateley, Esq., Jonathan Goldman, Esq., and Geri Prescott, we comprise the law firm of Sussman & Watkins, dedicated to preserving civil rights and fighting for justice.
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The number of citizens experiencing police abuse of power has been rising significantly. The firm has been receiving an increasing number of police misconduct cases, many of which involve brutalization of citizens, including minors and law abiding individuals. At this time, we have cases pending against the Cities of Kingston, Beacon, Middletown, Newburgh, Port Jervis, and Poughkeepsie.

We intend to raise public awareness of police abuse of power through the POLICE BRUTALITY BLOG by identifying and documenting incidence of police misconduct. We encourage citizens to participate in this initiative by reporting their experiences and following the progress of our work.

The POLICE BRUTALITY BLOG is a new initiative of Sussman & Accociates Law located in Goshen, NY and with offices in Newburgh, Kingston and Albany. Police abuse of power has been increasing dramatically throughout the United States. Almost every class of citizen experiences police brutality and abuse, ranging from milder incidents of negligence to extreme acts of violence. This Blog will identify and document incidents of police abuse of power by providing an outlet for individual stories.

We seek to present this issue of increasing assaults on our Constitutional Rights and Protections to the public at large. We encourage victims of police abuse and brutality to share their experiences, provide support to others, and participate in a movement to end police abuse of power in all of its forms.

We also encourage public resistance to police authority when it violates our Constitutional Rights and Protections. A portion of the Blog will provide legal advice, case histories and information to citizen victims. We will also include news on the subject of Police Abuse of Power, the judicial system relative to this issue and links to useful web sites.

Please subscribe to this blog, contribute, and become a part of this initiative.